New nation projects

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New nation projects, sometimes also referred to as model countries, micronations or new country projects, are entities that claim to be independent nations or states but which are not recognized by world governments or major international organizations. Some new nation projects/micronations have been recognized by minor organizations or by other micronations. New nation projects are also distinguished from social groups (such as eco-villages, campuses, tribes, clans, sects, and residential community associations) by expressing a formal and persistent, even if unrecognized, claim of sovereignty over some physical territory. Several new nation projects have issued coins, flags, postage stamps, passports, medals, and other items, which are rarely accepted outside of their own community. Minvera[1] and Lostisland[2] are famous examples of new nation projects, both of which doing expeditions to the Pacific island they claim. Most new nation projects are formed for political protest or attempts at secessionism. Many new nation projects form there own communities of micronations called sectors.