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μPedia is an encyclopedia about new nation projects, small unrecognised countries which claim to be sovereign. This wiki is constantly being updated and expanded, with the goal of providing the best and most reliable information to our readers. We have 40 articles in many languages. Should you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our admin team or a senior editor.


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Schalamzaar Empire is a new country project, as fact, an alternative government
Flag of Schalamzaar 1.png
which has claimed Madeira, Azores and Canary Islands as mainland, also claimed Gibraltar and Saba as colonies. Also, Independent Niue and Independent Tokelau are Schalamzaar’s protectorates. Schalamzaar is a secular nation, and all people are free to follow every religion they like. Also, Schalamzaar is a constitutional monarchy with direct democracy, and Head of State is Emperor. Emperor of Schalamzaar (aka Shahanshah) elect a Prime Minister, and people vote for Legislature members. Schalamzaari culture is largely inspired by Persian, Indian and Germanic cultures.



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